What does UniLink’s new cloud partner mean for your EDI? 

Today, the UniLink Group is pleased to announce we’ve completed the successful transition of our data center operations to the Zayo Cloud Infrastructure. Zayo is a leading innovator in the areas of communications and cloud infrastructure, and the ideal choice to help us manage and grow our customer-focused EDI solutions.

Using the Zayo Cloud Infrastructure, we will continue to deliver on our commitment to provide exceptional EDI services through: 

·      Private cloud deployment customized to meet your specific security, availability, compliance, and              performance needs

·      Managed storage to enable scalability and to cost-effectively handle peak data volumes

·      Dedicated servers that offer better data-transfer performance

·      Managed security to protect all data in storage and in transit against cyber threats

·      Disaster recovery servicesthat minimize downtime and ensure business continuity

·      Backup services to provide comprehensive protection against data loss

“This move to a completely cloud-based, virtual data center has positioned us to support the exponential growth that we’re now seeing in our transaction levels for years to come.” – Brian Crumby, CTO, the UniLink Group

At UniLink, our number one goal is to make it easy for your trading partners to do business with you. That’s why we continue to expand our ecosystem through relationships with world-class companies like Zayo. 

To discuss how our new Zayo data center can further benefit your UniLink EDI implementation, give Brian Crumby a call at 888-226-8089.