The Unilink Connection Letter


The first half of 2019 at The UniLink Group has been marked by service enhancements and soaring transaction rates. In fact, comparing month-to-month and year-over-year, we’ve seen consistent, substantial growth amounting to a 50% increase in transactions each year since 2017—all thanks to you! 

As we move forward together in 2019, read on for details on how we’re committed to supporting your continued success.

Don’t let your digital plan get stuck on paper!

It’s easy to see the value of transitioning invoices and POs for your largest trading partners to EDI—truly, some corporations won’t do business without it. But remember, for everymanual process you eliminate, your company saves cost, your people save time, and your workflows become more efficient. 

How much could you benefit by incorporating additional trading partners, customers, and transaction forms into the UniLink Universal EDI platform? To get an idea, make quick a list of all your forms and smaller partners that are still constrained to paper. 

If you’re surprised by the results, the good news is that all it takes to add more connections through UniLink is a call to us (880-226-8089). We’ll handle the work for you. 

Smart maps go universal with new API integrations

Our goal is to make your EDI implementation a seamless element of your overall operation. To better serve the complex and varied needs of our partners, we are fully integrating UniLink smart maps with the APIs of industry-leading cloud-based ERP systems. 

Integrations with Infor CloudSuite Distribution, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Oracle JD Edwards, and more now allow you to manage your parts, materials, inventory, and vendors across leading cloud services using uniform API calls.

Emphasizing security and reliability, our developers follow the guidelines of a strict API management program to ensure industry-best security practices and an efficient process to manage and continually test for functionality.

Better engage with your transaction data through our improved customer portal

We’ve heard your feedback, and we’re pleased to announce the launch of our newest customer service portal. The updated site gives you the capability to:

·      Export search results and email them as an Excel spreadsheet (XLS) file.

·      Sort queries based on date, document type, or document number.

·      View the calendar for the Begin Date and End Date as a graphical representation.

Log innow to see how the portal’s latest features provide a more effective document-tracking experience. 

All the best to David Humer in his retirement

It is with admiration and gratitude that we announce the retirement of David Humer, longtime CTO of The UniLink Group. David, whose retirement is effective as of June 15th, has been a leader at the forefront of EDI’s progress and innovation for well over 20 years. We hope all of you who’ve had the opportunity to work with David throughout his career will join us in saying thanks and offering congratulations. David, we wish you well, and you will be missed!

Ensuring a smooth transition, we’re pleased to report that Brian Crumby, our current Vice President – IT, will provide support as David’s successor. For more information Contact us

The UniLink Group
200 East Venice Avenue, Suite 333 
Venice, FL 34285