UniLink gives you simple access to an affordable, predictable subscription

Hourly rates can be a money-pit for your business.  UniLink makes it easy and straightforward to subscribe to UniLink universal EDI.  It costs $500 to establish a universal link and your first document type.  Period.  Then you pay-as-you-go with per-document rates that start at $2 and get even more affordable at higher volumes.

UniLink gives you simple access to the information you need, when you need it

If UniLink detects an event that a subscriber should know about, the subscriber is immediately notified by e-mail or text message.  If the subscriber wants to check the status of a document or view other account activity, they simply log in to their UniLink account where this information is available.

UniLink gives you simple access to opportunities with new trading partners

When a subscriber wants to encourage another business to trade paperless documents with them, they can start by calling UniLink.  UniLink will then serve as an ambassador for the subscriber, contacting the desired partner, providing compelling information, and encouraging the new opportunity.

Document Waiting Room

UniLink does not require that your linked trading partner is able to receive a paperless document in order for you to send it.  This essential feature adapts to unpredictability of real world commerce.  In the event that your linked trading partner is not in active communication, UniLink will hold your document, monitor the availability of the recipient, and send it at the first opportunity.

Delivery Assurance

UniLink protects your business against catastrophic data loss with Delivery Assurance, because even the best network and system-level technologies falter.  When they do, UniLink automatically selects and deploys a recovery plan.  This may use persistent messaging, automated end-to-end recovery, or checkpoint-based restart to recover priceless data.  When things are back to normal, your business will save time and resources by sidestepping the need to re-transmit or re-process data.

Message Integrity Technology

Security is not an option, it is a necessity.  This is why UniLink supports mutual authentication and encryption.  Once the document is securely delivered, UniLink can use public key technology to ensure that the exact contents of the document are mutually agreed upon.